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School History

He was rather deficient in Mathematics in the beginning but his remarkable diligence and abiding interest in the subject helped him to acquire the required proficiency in the subject. No wonder, our Founder passed the degree examination with flying colours in 1875. Mr. Porter, the Principal, was greatly surprised to learn that Sivasankara Pandya topped the list for the College and captured the second rank in the Presidency. Though he was a Gujarati, he learnt Telugu and Sanskrit well. His erudition in Telugu, Sanskrit, English and Mathematics was simply admirable.

After graduation, he became a tutor in the same college and taught for six months. Soon he went to Tanjavur to practise law in the Tanjore District Court after acquiring degree in Civil and Criminal Law. But the legal profession had no fascination for him. God had fashioned him for a nobler purpose and he felt that his field of activity lay elsewhere. Consequently, he bade adieu to the legal profession, came down to Madras and became a teacher in Pachaiyappa’s High School and then in the College. It was there that he noted with sorrow the indifferent attitude of Hindu youths towards the religion of their ancestors. They were foolishly aping the western culture. Pandyaji wanted to check this cultural and religious degeneracy. He resolved to dedicate his life to the revival of Hindu ideals. In the year 1882, he started special weekly moral and religious classes to teach Hindu boys and girls the general principles of Hinduism. About two thousand eager students attended his classes.

It was a time when Hindu religious ideals and traditions and customs that are dear and sacred to the Hindu heart were held up to ridicule. Pandyaji set up a counter-movement by establishing The Hindu Tract Society in April, 1887.

A provocative incident occurred in The Madras Christian College which wounded the feelings of many a Hindu. One of its Professors, Rev. Laidlaw, while condemning idol worship, wantonly insulted the religious sentiments of the Hindu students by suggesting that his shoes might as well be worshipped.

Pandyaji learnt about it from his students and felt the urgent need for the founding of a Hindu Religious Institution. He toiled and moiled to realize his ambition and the first step he took to raise funds was to sell his own house!.. He went from door to door to collect donations which were not easy to come. Once a very rich man invited him to his house and insulted him by giving him a pisa. But Pandyaji accepted it gladly and gratefully and immediately gave the donor a receipt for the pisa. However, there were some large hearted men to help him and they encouraged him by making liberal donations. H.H. Baskara Vijaya Sethupathi, the Raja of Ramnad merits mention in the first place, for it was he who donated a huge sum of Rs. 15,000/- after treating Pandyaji as his royal guest for about a week in his palace. Next is to be mentioned the name of one Andhra gentleman, Sri. M. Ramakrishnaiah Panthulu who generously gave away a sum of Rs. 9,044/- in 1890. In 1891 a munificent sum of Rs. 10,000/- and a house worth a big amount, situated at No. 31, General Muthaiah Mudali Street, Chennai – 600 079, were gifted by a noble soul who wanted the entire money to be utilised for the sole purpose of providing English education at the Primary level to poor and deserving children. It was Sri. Amarambedu Munuswamy Mudaliar who made such a great contribution to the cause of education of the poor and the school showed its gratitude to him by starting a Primary Section in Sowcarpet after his name. The school also received donations from many good souls such as Sri. Krishnadoss Bala Mukundadoss (donated Rs. 2,000/-), Sri. T. Gopinatha Tawker (donated Rs.1,000/-), Sri. Chathurbhujadoss Khusaldoss (donated Rs.1,000/-), The Maharaja of Travancore (donated Rs. 500/-), Raja Sir T. Madhava Rao (donated Rs. 500/-), and so on and so forth. Special mention must be made about one generous lady Smt. Saradambal who created an Endowment for the sole purpose of helping the poor and the needy, in memory of her dear son Soundararajan (an old boy) by gifting a house situated on Mint Street, Chennai –79, before 1949. The school gratefully remembers the lady and uses the Endowment collections for distributing scholarships to poor and deserving students of the school. Another good soul Sri. S.C. Nagi Chettiar (Ex. President of the Committee), a prominent businessman and a Philanthropist, donated a sum of Rs. 1,000/- for School Improvement Fund started by Sri. K. Rangaswamy Iyengar, a great steward who caused a Renaissance in the annals of the school. Mention must also be made about the large donation of Rs. 53,000/- made by Sri. T. Lakshmipathy Mudaliar (Ex. President Sri. T. Seshachalam’s father) who was a constant well-wisher and friend of our school.

The present Management, The Headmaster, The Staff (both Teaching and Non-Teaching) and the Students cherish the glorious past with reverential gratitude, regard the present with loving respect and look to the future with hopeful expectations.


The School was started in the year 1995 to fulfill the dreams Amarambedu Munuswamy Mudaliar, the Philanthropist and Donor.It has become a feeder school to the Hindu Theological Higher Secondary School.

Though the School imparts lessons through English Medium, it gives due importance to Tamil as the second language.Hindi is also offered to those who opt for it instead of tamil.The School has received permission to run classes from the Director of Matriculation schools.

The Kindergarten Section is well equipped with education toys and games materials,since education is imparted in the play method as stressed by many modern educationists.

The school has considerable space for childern's movement with good lighting, ventilation, and sanitation facilities.