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Disciplinary Rules

1. Every pupil shall have a fixed place assigned to him in the class room.
2. Pupil’s person and clothes should be quite clean. Pupils found with unkempt hair, dirty finger nails will be punished.
3. The class room and the School premises in general should be kept clean and tidy. Writing on the walls, littering the floor with pieces of paper, damaging the furniture, spitting in corners and similar objectionable practices will be seriously viewed.
4. Perfect silence must prevail during Assembly Prayer every morning and during Friday Poojas or other special bhajans. Each class shall be in the place assigned to it in the Prayer Hall as soon as the first bell is rung. Latecomers shall wait outside the Hall. Shoes shall not be brought into the Prayer Hall.
5. Pupils shall greet one another or their teachers and their behaviour towards elders should be marked by the respect of obedience.
6. On a teacher entering the classroom the pupils shall rise and remain standing till they are asked to sit or till the teacher takes his seat.
7. The class leaders, deputy leaders and sergeant volunteers, scouts, members of the N.C.C. shall ever be ready to render smiling service at all school functions in or outside the school premises.
8. During lessons, or while engaged in other school work, no pupil shall enter or leave his class without permission.
9. Pupils marching from one classroom to another shall do so in an orderly manner, always keeping to the left and shall maintain perfect silence on their way.
10. Any pupil found loitering in the school premises will be seriously dealt with. During worktime listless or easy attitudes and a slovenly or inattentive manner must be avoided.
11. During recess time - whether before or after school hours, whether between periods, or between the morning and evening sessions, pupil’s behaviour will be subject to examination and correction.
12. a) Periodical progress report shall be send to parents or guardians to apprise them of their wards’ regularity, conduct and work at school.
b) They must be returned to the School duly signed by the parent or guardian at the time fixed.
c) Any pupil who does not return his progress report at the time specified, duly signed by his parent or guardian, shall not be allowed to sit in the class.
d) Any pupil who tampers with the progress report or is guilty of any other kind of lapse in this connection is liable to servere disciplinary action.
e) When a call goes to the parent or guardian from the School in connection with his boy’s work or conduct at the School he should immediately respond to it.
f) Any parent wishing to offer any remarks based on the Progress Report sent to him should not enter them in the Report itself, but will address a separate communication to the School.
g) In addition to quarterly progress reports, other reports about the pupil’s work or conduct at the School shall be checked on the ‘Open day’ conduct.
h) Pupils shall be dressed in the School uniform.