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The Philanthropist Amarambedu
Munuswamy Mudaliar

Philanthropist. Thiru. Amarambedu Munuswamy Mudaliar of Amarambedu, a village near Poonamallee, was deeply interested in the education of the poor. He desired that young men of India should get maximum benefit of instruction through English medium and rise to respectable positions in the Society. With this aim he created and endowment by generously donating a large sum of money, viz., Rs.10,000/- to the Management of the Hindu Theological High School which started the Amarambedu Munuswamy Mudaliar Primary School in 1891. This paved way to the steady growth of the already existing Hindu Theological High School. The name of Thiru Amarambedu Munuswamy Mudaliar has thus found a permanent place in the history of the School. He endowed his house property 31, General Muthiah Street, Sowcarpet, Chennai, to the School. This property has been leased out by the management, and the lease period ends on 30.09.2045. The said property at 31, General Muthiah Street, continue to be the school property.

The Noble Hearted Philanthropist
Thiru Sarangapani Mudaliar

Thiru Saranganpani Mudaliar firmly believed that donations made in cash or kind to the cause of education is the greatest act of philanthropy. The growth of our School was more important than his children. His deep loe for the cause of education, especially of the poor, prompted him to bequeath to our school his house situated in Mint Street, Sowcarpet, Chennai. The munificent act of Thiru Sarangapani Mudaliar is indeed a great contribution to the noble cause of education and it will be ever remembered by us gratefully. He has earned a unique place for himself in the history of our institution. This said 148, Mint Street, property continue to be school property and the lease period ends on 30.11.2044