M.K.Gandhi, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Durham, South Africa, paid a visit to the Hindu Theological Institution on Monday, the 26th instant, and was shown over the different Forms. He remarked thus in the Visitors' book:

"I had the honour to visit this excellent institution. I was highly delighted with it. Being a Gujarati Hindu myself I feel proud to know that this institution was started by a Gujarati gentleman. wish the institutions will crop up all over India ,and be the means of preserving a Aryan Religion in its purity."

"The Hindu",28th October,1896


Our widely-known and much-respected Swami honoured this Institution with his visit on the evening of Friday, the 12th instant. He arrived with his friends at about 4-30 p.m.and was conducted to his seat by the Honorary Secretary, Mr. Ramakrishna Pantulu, and the President -Founder, Mr.R.Sivasankara Pandyaji,B.A.,F.T.S.,amidst cheers and shouts of the boys who kept standing till the Swami took his seat. First there was held a dialogue in Sanskrit on Arya Dharma between two boys of the institution. Then another little boy of the School was brought forward and questioned about our religion to which he answered much to the satisfaction of the Swami. Afterwards Mr.Sivasankara Pandyaji read an address on behalf of the school in which he expressed his high appreciation of the Swami's merit and work. Then the Swami rose and in a short speech congratulated the more credit since he had taken up his cause at a very difficult time when further exhorted the public to encourage the School in every way and wished that similar institution should crop up all over India in large numbers

"The Hindu",14thFebruary,1897