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Second Founder - Sri K.Rangaswamy Aiyangar

Rangaswamy Aiyangar

It is common knowledge that our School has made phenomenal progress only after the advent of Sri K. Rangaswami Aiyangar as its Head. The celebration held last year in honour of our good Chief to mark the close of the decennium o this headship of the School, was unique of its kind. It was, however, inevitable. Sri Rangaswami Aiyangar lived the period in deeds, not in years. As the sands were falling from the hour glass, he did not allow a minute to slip by, till he had extracted out fit sixty seconds of work. He was thus able to crowd into these years the work of as many decades. The celebration, therefore, came in as an appropriate punctuation to mark the close of ten most strenuous and memorable summers.

As a worker, Sri Rangaswami Aiyangar is hard to beat. Work with him is worship. The inspiration and the strength for it come to him from a deep-rooted religious faith. One day he expressed his creed at a meeting of the Boys' Union in a few pregnant words:" Without religion there can be no faith; without faith there can be no strength; without strength there can be no effort; and without effort there can be no achievement." The language is aphoristic, positive and direct. It gives in a nutshell his philosophy of action. He lives up to his creed. He is a sincere devotee of Sri Rama and has unwavering faith in His Grace. To his Lord and Protector, he offers always worship in the sanctuary of his heart. Before he undertakes any work, he prays for Divine Grace. Then he sees the goal and steadily marches towards it without feeling the strain and minding the cost. It was said of the English soldiers that fought at Waterloo, that they never knew that they had lost a single battle. Our Chief knows no failure save failure of effort.

Few teachers can equal Sri Rangaswami Aiyangar in the love that he showers upon his boys. He knows every one of them by name. At the sight of any of them, the picture of his home and parents comes before his mind. This is due to his keen powers of observation and to the parental love that he bears towards them. The number of pupils, past and present, that have been the recipients of his personal help financially and in other ways, cannot be counted. He watches the progress of his pupils as they proceed from class to class and, when the Sixth Form boys leave the School, he feels most acutely the pang of separation. It is this love that helps him to preserve his link with the Old Boys of School. He not only loves but also adores the lads. He sees divinity in the pure and unsophisticated hearts of the young. They are his angels, his gods. He worships them in his heart though he rules them by his voice. He openly showed it one day. The work for the year was over. A meeting of Prayer and Thanks-giving was held. At the end of it, Sri Rangaswami Aiyangar paid a glowing tribute to the splendid behavior of the boys and lay prostrate before all and offered worship to the impersonal ideal of youth.

The same human element characterizes his relationship with the members of the Staff. This fact has been clearly brought out in the Address presented to him by the Master' Association. He has succeeded in achieving the most difficult thing for any Head Master to accomplish. He has established the pose between the claims of friendship and those of duty without forfeiting either.

Sri Rangaswami Aiyangar is essentially a man of heart though, like the Spartan of old, he disdains to wear it on his sleeve. It is by the power of his heart that he has come to the forefront. His positive virtues-in-dependence and resourcefulness-form a plexus of qualities that mark him out as a born leader. But these have their origin in a heart, which is loving, sympathetic and generous and which delights in pouring itself out in service and sacrifice. Sri Rangaswami Aiyangar's most valuable gift to the School is himself. The present system of education almost crushes the personalities of those that come under its heavy weight. Sri Rangaswami Aiyangar has risen above it and has used it as an instrument of National Education. Within its ambit he has built up and perfected an organization that has served as an appropriate vehicle for the growth of the corporate life of the School and has enabled it to develop a personality of its own. His personality-vibrant, dynamic and powerful-has infected pupils and teachers with his enthusiasm for work. The spirit of service which regards work not as a drudgery but as a joy has come to animate the workers. The transfigured appearance of the School and the national atmosphere that pervades it, are due to his genius. More valuable than the gift of knowledge by a teacher are the gifts of love, sincerity and courage which are the essential attributes of his spiritual personality. In laying these at the altar of the School, Mr. Rangaswami Aiyangar has given his all in its service. He is the greatest a set to the School. He is also a gift of the gods to the teaching profession. May he be spared long to be a source of inspiration to his co-workers !